How To Improve Your Credit Score

So you have bad credit. Time to move on in the right direction, and follow these steps carefully. Never miss a payment. One of the best ways to keep your credit clean is to have automatic checking account withdrawals for mortgage bills. Just make sure that there are enough funds in your checking account to […]

Help I have Bad Credit!

Most of us don’t check our credit until we need to borrow money, usually for a car loan or a home loan. Unfortunately, having a bad credit score will not only affect your ability to get a loan, but it may also affect the interest rate you pay on that loan. In other words, having […]

How To Get Your Credit Report and Credit Score

Your Credit Score (also called FICO Score, after the Fair Isaac Corporation which created the software to calculate the score) is calculated by 3 credit bureaus: Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. Each have their own website that you can access and pay for your credit report and score, either on a one-time basis, or have full […]

What is a Credit Score and Why Should you Care?

Many people don’t know that a low credit score can cost you money. That penalty shows up in many different facets of your life other than just higher interest rates. Potential employers can look up your credit score and perhaps decide not to hire you because of your bad credit. Potential landlords can decide not […]