Prequalify for a Home Loan Before You Start Home Shopping

Why get pre-qualified by a lender before looking for your next home? Based on my first hand experience with clients, I have found several compelling reasons for home buyers to get pre-qualified for a loan. 1) You’ll uncover credit problems. In the ideal world, you’d contact your lender 6-9 months in advance to see what […]

Who is Fannie Mae and Why Should I care?

Many Americans had little idea who Fannie Mae (Federal National Mortgage Association) was prior to 2006, except that they had fairly good bond rates that were considered “safe” investments. Now that the Credit Crisis has uncovered all sorts of facts on how the mortgage market works, most of us should be at least a little […]

Help I have Bad Credit!

Most of us don’t check our credit until we need to borrow money, usually for a car loan or a home loan. Unfortunately, having a bad credit score will not only affect your ability to get a loan, but it may also affect the interest rate you pay on that loan. In other words, having […]

Rent vs. Buy? Should You Rent or Buy Your Home?

Sure, there are some intangible advantages to owning your own home, like doing whatever you want to the back yard, or remodeling the kitchen, or painting the kid’s room purple. There is the advantage of knowing that no one can make you move – as long as you can afford your monthly payments. But a […]