What is a Short Sale

If you’ve tried loan modification without success and your current mortgage payments are difficult to handle, your only choice may be to give up your home. Many homeowners are turning to short sales instead of a foreclosure. A short sale is a sale where the lender allows the owner to sell a home for less […]

Getting Legal and Tax Advice Before Foreclosure

If you are considering a short sale or foreclosure, getting advice from your accountant and a real estate lawyer should be one of the first items on your to-do list. You can do only so much research on the internet, but with laws changing and the laws in one state so different from the rest, […]

When Can I Buy Again After a Foreclosure?

Once losing your home to foreclosure is far in the rear view mirror, it is only natural to wonder when you might be eligible to buy again. There are 2 major factors to consider when recovering from a foreclosure. One is the waiting requirement that Fannie Mae imposes, and the other is your credit score. […]